Sunday, August 19, 2007

I think the frightening thing is when we lose our civility, which I think is happening across the board, and I find disturbing.

Emmylou Harris

It is my firm belief that a civil society requires a firm amount individual solitude. This, we have very little that is obvious in today's world. We are close together; constant contact. The pervasiveness of cell phones, internet, e-mail, and all other forms of relatively new communications modes strip us from our solitude. We become angry, introverted, disconnected from the real and natural world. We spend so much time interfacing that there is no time for introspection. We become a mass; not unlike a large hill of ants or termites. A school of fish with no individuality, simply moving in synchronicity with the mass.

Some samples of incivility. They disgust me.

Woman Stabbed to Death

Mother's Deadly, preventable Secret,0,1975658.story

Woman Killed by Ex-Boyfriend

Signs Of Domestic Abuse Not Always Recognized

Woman Shot on Ute reservation,5143,695201958,00.html

Jealous Boyfriend Gets Life in Murder Case

Woman Shot to Death After Domestic Dispute

Woman Fatally Stabbed, Suspect Arrested,0,3100004.story?coll=hc-navigation-mhc

Local Woman Slain by Boyfriend


This must stop. How? I plan on trying.

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