Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Missing Piece

"In the universe, there are more unknowns than knowns." -anon

It was an interesting feeling. Not as intense as alarming, not as continuous as a concern. A singular missing puzzle piece that lies in a person's hand. This was unique.

I had to run some errands on Friday, so I drove my pickup to work. That's not a huge issue, other than the gas it drinks.

Coming out to the smoking patio for my first smoke of the day, right next to motorcycle parking, I stop. I pause. The world wasn't right. A crack, or perhaps a reflection of an echo of a crack. Looking over to the other bikes, mine is missing.

'Of course it's missing! I drove today,' I think to myself. I shook it off, but is was mildly disturbing in a benign, gentle way. Not a person to be attached to material things (just ask my ex! LOL) this is odd. Is it the bike I miss? Is it the void the missing bike left? Am I unnaturally attached to an inanimate object? Regardless. It was different. New. Different. I like that.
On a side note, I am deep into the planning of my trip to the Atlantic Coast and back. At times, it is odd. It almost feels like an obsession! Now, that is certainly something different and new for me.

So, my posts here will be slowing a bit as I work on my trip. Updates here as they occur.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Busy Motorcycle Week

The GOOD kind of busy!

After a great deal of research and making a lot of rear-end prints on bike, I have finally settled on my next motorcycle. It will be a nice, red Kawasaki VerSys. Yes, it is indeed a bit tall, but there are three ways to lower it a bit; and that's all I need.

It's funny. One of my buddies at work tell me to buy from the dealer down the street, and not to go to the one across town. Another fellow I know, tells me I should buy from the one across town and shun the more local dealer. Who's to say where I shall buy from. Perhaps having two dealers working against each other will be a good thing.

Then, today I receive a lovely call from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence regarding my planned ride. I am happy to say that things are moving forward for a coast to coast and back motorcycle ride in October to coincide with Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

I think this is going to be a nice ride!

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Yet more.

After performing a lengthy online search and sitting on a bunch of bikes, I have narrowed the field to two. In order, my runners up were: Suzuki V-Strom 650; Honda 919; and the Triumph Bonneville. And the last two? A Suzuki SV650 and Kawasaki Versys.
I want my new bike to be comfortable on my daily 30 mile or so commute, yet ready to go on the highway or old desert road. It's funny. This is nothing like choosing a car. There are so many factors and opinions to weigh. And typically, if you buy a bike, you can't ride it first, and can't take it back if it isn't what you wanted.

So... Any comments?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Rush - Time Stand Still

The video may be a bit aged and somewhat amateurish, but the song strikes a chord within me. Always has. Now that I am riding something, a motorcycle, that transports more than mere mortal flesh, there is a different light to this song. Enjoy.

There Was Something Missing

There was something missing on that ride. Something as intangible, yet meaningful as the light of a full moon on a snowy cold winter night. My inability to define this thing was in itself a frustration.

It was a good ride, aside from a five mile stretch of rough pavement and a few idiot drivers on I-15. My bike ran well. My butt, while sore, survived without much problem. I would have liked to bring my camera, but didn't.

What is it?

There, that fleeting hay field! Those cows over there! The Virgin River, water tumbling over ancient rocks in a timeless furor! The blue sky above, aching to be stared at!

That was it! Without trying to define what was missing, it became obvious by the things I saw in the periphery of my vision while buzzing down the road.

I missed the opportunity to walk in a hay field again.

I missed a chance to just stand and listen to cows.

I was in too much of a hurry to stop and pull over; to walk in an ancient river.

I did not stop, park the bike, lay down in the grass and just stare at the sky.

Next time. Definitely.