Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Goodbye with a Goodbye

To everything there is a season. This is the season to say goodbye.

Admittedly, my little blog here has suffered from a lack of attention. Years ago it served its purpose. Through it I met several fine people and was able to express my feelings in a form I could understand; writing. I think that now it is time to close up shop here.

I will still check into my Facebook account from time to time; many of you have my phone number; and many of you have my e-mail address. I am not falling of the face of the earth... yet anyway.

So, I am going to end this blog; this chapter of my life; with a goodbye that was an unintentional goodbye.

Post Mark: Nov 8, 1983; Nov 10, 1983; Nov 17, 1983

From: Kenneth Linder, Milan IL.
To: Kenneth Linder, Joy, IL

Nov 7 1983
Dear Kenneth

How are you? I am fine I guess. How is Crystal & Lemuel & Manuel & Leola now? Your mother was up to Muscatine hospital to see me a little bit last Tue the 1st. I guess it was. How is the Shotwell getting along now? They are not going to cut on me. I could die on in the cut.

Well, how is Sharon getting along in school and how are you getting along. Has Manuel been to office the last two weeks? I take 7 pill 2 & 3 & 4 &5 + time a day. What did she say after she came over and seen me hospital she didn't stay long and left on the run. Ruth said she came with a kid but the hospital said they can't come upand see me. Did she bring them up. My left foot hurt and sleep all the time so I guess I will live till I die.

Well I love you all. I don't get to see you guy. I am on a hell of a diet - no salt or sugar or pork.

Someone said that you mother has lost her friend in New Boston now is that so?

How is your grades in school.

I guess I will close for now, don't tell your mother or she will get mader than hell.

With Love
Kenneth Linder

P.S. I would like to see you and talk to you. That all...

Also in the envelope that holds this letter is this:

In Memory of
Kenneth Wayne Linder

Date of Birth
December 2, 1927

Date of Death
November 10, 1983

Time and Place of Services
Monday, November 14, 1983
1:30 PM
United Methodist Church

Rev. William Eastin
Rev. John Weishar

Mrs. Shirley Dunn

Place of Internment
Eliza Creek Cemetery

Everett Linder
Raymond Linder
Jerry McLee
Richard Sells
Robert Sells
Steven Miller

Time to close up shop here. Could the last person please turn out the lights?

Vivam usque dum moriar.