Thursday, August 02, 2012

Where Are My Google Ads?

Yes indeed, it has been a while since I have been here.  Live has been busy with my fiance and family and work.  My blog here has been gathering a bit of dust, and well, that was to be expected to a certain extent.

However, I came here this morning to read and think about some new posts floating around in my brain, and what do I see?  Or rather, what do I NOT see?  The Google ads and widgets that were on my blog.  What happened to them?

There is no e-mail stating they would be removed...  No notification, nothing.

Yes, their Terms of Service (Google & Blogger) state they have a right to do this without notification, but it is still irritating.  Maybe it is time I migrate this somewhere else.

Seems odd that this would happen, not long before having Google earnings very close to that magic $100 mark where they actually cut me a check.  We shall see...

It would seem to be some sort of computer/browser issue.  ODD!!!  two computers show the ads and gadgets but my main computer doesn't show them at all.  So...  False alarm, likely.  Maybe my main computer just needs to be rebooted or...  who knows.

Anyway, nothing to see here...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

About Time for a Little Update

It has indeed been a while since I poked my head in here.  Damn...  rather quiet for the light being left on.

Well, the life of Razor has been fun, enjoyable and above all else, interesting.  In my mind, 'interesting' is almost always good.  Since my last post...  There has been
a cross country road trip to Illinois to visit my Mom and daughter; a relocation from my rather misanthropic, second floor apartment; an IRS audit; a new rear tire for Athena;  the final payoff and receipt of title for Athena (YEA!); a dropped Honda CB900F causing a lot of smoking, broken turning signal and cracked stator cover (BLEK!); a pulled tooth; started smoking again and then stopped again; sold my Project Vixen, an old Suzuki VX800 that was basically a 'basket case'; started playing my guitar again; got a few new tats; started really thinking about my diet & exercise - and changing behavior accordingly.


A few rides with a passenger.  Yes, Razor is now taken!  Off the shelf!  Out of circulation!  No longer riding one-up!

Yes, she loves riding & wants to ride her own... 

She knows how to handle a firearm!

We do look pretty damned good together...

And, not once in nearly 3500 miles did she even threaten to toss my ass out of the car because of my stupid jokes.

So, ya...  Razor's been rather busy lately...  Quite happily busy, might I add.

Monday, January 02, 2012

There Are Times...

Have you ever been riding a lonesome twisty road when just ahead, at the apex of a turn there appears a slight patch of gravel? No time to slow, no way to avoid the inevitable potential of going down. Adrenalin surges and with everything you have, legs grip the bike, hands press against the bars and a slight smile forms in one corner of your mind.

There it is.

Rear tire hits rubble, centrifugal force pulls the rear of the bike out and away from balance. Body reacts, adjusts to stabilize. So much less than a moment later, rubber re-engages asphalt, grabbing for a safe hold and finds it. Suspension compresses with new found safety of traction. Bike wobbles for a moment as the human-machine regains stability, finding a new trajectory.

Sweat drips from under your helmet, down your face and that internal smile is expressed and a verbal "YEE HAW!"

Not that a rider seeks out these gravel patches in life or desires to experience the terror of hitting them, but the exhilaration of a conquered danger and the chance of a new path is simply sublime.