Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Staying in Motion

Sometimes things in motion need to stay in motion.

The last several months have carried along a few changes. For starters, my daughter made the choice to move out of the nest and do what she wants; to pursue something she has talked about for years. While she is not pursuing an MD, I am damned proud she wants a PhD.

The house is quiet in an enjoyable and somewhat unsettling way.

Another change, a good change, I am no longer a smoker. Sometime early this year, I just didn't go to the smoke shop. No patches, no drugs, no acupuncture; I just quit. Do I want a cigarette? Absolutely. Am I going to have one? Absolutely not.

I tried reading Walden's Pond again for the fifth time. Didn't take. Same as my love life. Earlier this year I dated a nice lady briefly but it didn't take. Honestly, I'm good with both.

Perhaps more importantly are the things that sat unattended during this time. This blog, one of the better things in my life, purposely sat unattended. Back in February, that was my intention; to move on; write the last chapter in this book and close the cover. Some books don't like to remain closed.

Another item that sat unattended is my Suzuki project motorcycle. She is honestly rather sad. Clearing boxes and general junk from around her over the course of the last few days revealed two badly leaking forks. After three days on the charger, the battery could barely hold enough charge to spin the starter. Click-click-click-click. Motorcycles are meant to ridden, meant to be operational. Once that equilibrium is reached between rider and machine, little energy is required to maintain a mutualy productive relationship.

Here's to things in motion that should stay in motion, and to things not yet in motion. It's nice to be back.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Damn It!

Who left the lights on?