Thursday, May 17, 2012

About Time for a Little Update

It has indeed been a while since I poked my head in here.  Damn...  rather quiet for the light being left on.

Well, the life of Razor has been fun, enjoyable and above all else, interesting.  In my mind, 'interesting' is almost always good.  Since my last post...  There has been
a cross country road trip to Illinois to visit my Mom and daughter; a relocation from my rather misanthropic, second floor apartment; an IRS audit; a new rear tire for Athena;  the final payoff and receipt of title for Athena (YEA!); a dropped Honda CB900F causing a lot of smoking, broken turning signal and cracked stator cover (BLEK!); a pulled tooth; started smoking again and then stopped again; sold my Project Vixen, an old Suzuki VX800 that was basically a 'basket case'; started playing my guitar again; got a few new tats; started really thinking about my diet & exercise - and changing behavior accordingly.


A few rides with a passenger.  Yes, Razor is now taken!  Off the shelf!  Out of circulation!  No longer riding one-up!

Yes, she loves riding & wants to ride her own... 

She knows how to handle a firearm!

We do look pretty damned good together...

And, not once in nearly 3500 miles did she even threaten to toss my ass out of the car because of my stupid jokes.

So, ya...  Razor's been rather busy lately...  Quite happily busy, might I add.