Thursday, June 05, 2008

There Was Something Missing

There was something missing on that ride. Something as intangible, yet meaningful as the light of a full moon on a snowy cold winter night. My inability to define this thing was in itself a frustration.

It was a good ride, aside from a five mile stretch of rough pavement and a few idiot drivers on I-15. My bike ran well. My butt, while sore, survived without much problem. I would have liked to bring my camera, but didn't.

What is it?

There, that fleeting hay field! Those cows over there! The Virgin River, water tumbling over ancient rocks in a timeless furor! The blue sky above, aching to be stared at!

That was it! Without trying to define what was missing, it became obvious by the things I saw in the periphery of my vision while buzzing down the road.

I missed the opportunity to walk in a hay field again.

I missed a chance to just stand and listen to cows.

I was in too much of a hurry to stop and pull over; to walk in an ancient river.

I did not stop, park the bike, lay down in the grass and just stare at the sky.

Next time. Definitely.

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Earl Thomas said...

I do this frequently now, Stop and experience my surroundings. I find it a little easier now with my Dual-sport and the dirt road riding that I do with it. It can be challenging at times for someone with my long distance riding tendencies. My brain is programmed, in a sense, to look 1000 miles ahead and don't stop till you get there. Stopping and enjoying the meadow by a river for a spell, and not consuming myself with my final destination is much more fullfilling anymore.