Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Not sure where this came from!

As I have been posting recently, it should be no surprise to anyone that I have been bike shopping. I looked at the Honda 919, Suzuki SV650, V-Strom 650 and finally settled on the Kawasaki VerSys.

I don't need to buy a new bike at all. There are just certain things I would like to do; things that my Honda Rebel struggles with. Things like touring. Things like riding down the desert dirt roads out of Vegas. Logical, conscious, perhaps adventurous riding desires. They make a certain amount of sense.

The VerSys is my solution. Capable of functioning fairly well in all of my desired riding categories, it is the logical choice. I went to the dealership Friday and pulled the trigger. Unfortunately the deal was not struck. The best they could do was $1500 down and payments of $230 per month.

Too much. The only way to justify, if not make it completely feasible at this point in time, would be to rely on the future sale of my pickup before my first new bike payment came due. Then there is the matter of the $1500. Sure, I could get it, but that would completely drain my trip fund AND consume all available credit I have.

I am getting ahead of myself, here. This post is not about my financial woes or to lament my lack of savings or to whine over my non-purchase of the VerSys. It is about something much more dark. It is about something primal, incorporeal, deep, sexy, something that joins logic and madness. It fuels dark two wheel, midnight and mid-day fantasies. Memories of a hormone fueled puberty scratch at my subconscious.

And I am not sure why. This is a repulsion and attraction; I cannot look away.

What the hell caused this? I sat on a bike. Not just any bike; something I really wasn't looking for. I sat on it anyway. And to be honest, I sat on one early this year, January I think. Perhaps I was not ready.

Saturday, I decided to ride to my exhaustion in the 110F Las Vegas temps. Not out of any 'death wish' or depression. I just wanted to see how long I could go. So, water bottles mounted, I took off to do a little bike sittin'.

First up, Carter's on the other side of town. They have some nice bikes but nothing I am really interested in. I ride over to my normal dealership, Ride Now on Boulder and look at a few used, but nothing is really swaying my desire to get that VerSys, even if I have to wait until later this year or early next. I am in no hurry.

Then something takes my bike by the handlebars and points me South. I was at this place last year before I bought the Rebel. I walk in & the smell of leather is almost tangible. I look around and am greeted by no less than three women and a man. There, twenty feet away was the low black bike that struck me. A new Harley Davidson Nightster.

Unfortunately, this bike was even more expensive than the VerSys. I then sit on another small HD. This is where the fantasies start. It's a 2007 Sportster XL 883R. All black but the pipes and a few other items. Sales person informs me that the 'R' is not offered in 2008 and probably not 2009. The one I sat on was destined for another dealership. It was already sold.

He sort-of winks at me, "Why not get a black 2009 Sportster and powder coat it all black?" I am not sure why I am being pulled in this direction. It feels guttural, comfortable in a primative way. And, only about $170with no down.

I am now unsure which bike I may get; but this feels wicked. This feels good...


Doug C said...

This is one of those times when one wishes one could say, "I'll take one of each."

BTW, thanks for the blog link. I've been riding so much of late finding the time to maintain the blog is challenging. Ever been there?

RazorsEdge2112 said...

HAHA Yes! I'll take an all black Sportster, and a nice red VerSys and one of those BMWs over there, and just for fun, an Aprila. Would be nice. But, alas, I am independently just making ends meet. :-)

NP on the link; happy to do it. You have a great blog that I read when I can. I wish I could say I am riding too much to keep up my blog. Unfortunately it has been work that has been occupying my time.

Ride Safe!

psittacid said...

I just stumbled onto your blog and like the "thinking motorcyclist approach" I see here. Interesting posts.

In your search for a "standard", I am surprised that the Yamaha FZ6 and FZ1 have not yet been mentioned. I got an 2009 FZ1 about a month ago and have been pleasantly surprised by how much I have come to like it.

Why would I get a bike that I would be surprised to like...you may ask. ; ) I had a Buell XB12s before and loved it for its torque and handling. Unfortunately, it rarely ran well and spent as much time in the shop as on the road. I asked the salesman a the H-D shop for the blue book on it and he asked if I wanted to trade it in. The idea of passing the Buell to someone who knew its history was appealing. I would not have lied to prospective buyers and stood to lose a lot of money.

The H-D shop had a 2009 FZ1 with 900 miles on the odo, so I traded. Having ridden Buell, BMW, Moto Guzzi and Yamaha (650) twins, I thought I would not like a four and, after the Buell, that the FZ would not handle well enough.

I have really come to like this bike. Good riding position (I am 51yrs, 5'9"), smooth, powerful, and, after getting settings right, good handling. The fairing is modest in size, but does a good job shielding me from the wind.

After a Rebel 250, the FZ1 might be a bit much in the power department. It is VERY fast. But you may want to consider the FZ6, its little brother.

Good luck finding your bike. Remember, if the bug has bitten, this will not be your last one. If it is not just what you want, adapt to it, have fun, and buy something else when the time and pocketbook are right.