Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Warranty - Denied!

Well, the folks at Honda Motorcycle Warranty have responded with a resounding denied. Apparently they take exception to me doing my own work. My decision to work on my bike, with the assistance of professionals on the internet and the factory manual, apparently is not a good thing for Honda Warranty people.

Sorry, but the logic of this doesn't hold. If I were to be changing spark plugs and found a chunk of metal in the cylinders would they cover it? Are people with motorcycles under warranty supposed to have Honda mechanics do everything, including oil changes, to the tune of $95 per hour?

I am not done with them yet.

In all fairness, yes, I didn't bring the bike into the shop until after the warranty had expired. That not withstanding, this is a major problem that occurred before the warranty had expired, I did see a motorcycle mechanic when it was first noticed and the external symptom of this problem is extremely minor; just a little oil seepage.

Can you tell I am a bit frustrated with Honda right now?

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