Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pulling the Plug and Pulling the Trigger

There comes a time when one must say, enough is enough.

This morning I swapped ignitions, coils, plugs, carburetors, airboxes and some primary fuses. The best she could manage was a rough idle and occasional rev to about 3000 RPM for 30 seconds.

Here's the catch... she was only hitting off the rear cylinder. The front was firing, and burning fuel but generating almost no energy. My initial, thumb on the spark plug hole compression was false. This time, slowly turning the engine to TDC on the front cylinder yielded something I had feared. One of the exhaust valves was not closing. As a secondary test I removed the airboxes, cranked the engine over with the starter and placed my hand on the front carb's air intake. There is suction, but the rear carb almost sucked my hand in.

So, final analysis... Rear carb needs better adjusting and the jets need to be looked at & cleaned, replaced or who knows. Front cylinder likely has a sticky exhaust valve.

Damn it, Jim! I'm a computer programmer, not a bike mechanic!

Honestly, I NEED some long road time, not long garage time. She has given me a great education into the inner workings of a fine motorcycle; she has helped me learn many things about myself; and now the final lesson - knowing when to say when.

Without a doubt, someone with more talent and time and tools could have her going in little time. That person is not me.

So, this week... when time is available, I will be bagging up all of my VX800 parts and pieces and offering them for sale. I hope whoever buys her will be able to do the honorable thing, and get her running.

Now, on to pulling the trigger... I need something smooth running, somewhat simple, somewhat different, somewhat older or classic, something reliable. I pick her up tomorrow.
Classic 1981 Honda CB900F Superbike. Custom paint, 22k miles, custom saddle... a real head turner. Definitely something I could ride all day without my butt falling asleep and feeling like I was beaten up after 500 miles. More pics tomorrow.


Lady R (Di) said...

Congratulations!! Can't wait to see more pics. You did right... too much time in the garage, makes for a sad rider... can't say I blame you!
Ride on!!

Unknown said...


Yep, right decision. Nice looking bike too. Between wrenching or riding, then riding will always win

Riding the Wet Coast

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Lady R. - I held off on the decision... Really I did. Even bought a new battery for her last week, but diagnostics pointed to needing to pull that engine to check and or repair that valve issue. That's a month of weekends right there for me. Couldn't do it any longer.

Thanks to the both of ya. I bring her home Saturday. Was hoping for earlier but the dealership wants to be sure she is running tip-top before I pick her up.

Touring Motorcycle exhausts said...

You definitely need to get one who will not make you feel tired after a great ride. I was sorry that you spent a lot of time in the garage but am happy for you to know that you finally got your self another one. She looks beautiful!