Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Prayer for the Silent Warrior

Hold fast your sword and tight your shield against the oncoming night. They are battle worn and show the scars of skirmishes won and lost but in your hands are peerless, flawless and shall lead you and all you love through safely until the blessings of dawn grace the universe. Demons and vermin cower at the glint of moonlight on your blade. Tempests rage against your armor yet you hold strong. When the singing of heaven-borne birds herald the oncoming morn I pray you find repose beside the blue-green crystal waterfall, for there I shall be and you may rest your weary head on my shoulder and weep and rest.

Prayer for the Silent Warrior

-Ken Linder 2011

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James Derrick said...

I love this prayer!!
It fits perfectly for protection and I'd like to share with you a petition I wrote against the glamorization of violence towards women. I'd be honored if you'd read and sign it; maybe pass it on to your friends. It's at the website,, but the link directly to it is pasted below. Thank you so much!