Friday, November 06, 2009

Reason For

There on a large billboard along Interstate 95 and smaller roads in the eastern part of the Las Vegas Valley; God has a message for me. He knows my purpose.

Ok, as a starting point, I am not religious. If it is simple, consider me a spiritual agnostic who has seen a few too many things to consider myself a complete atheist.

The billboards proclaim that God knows my purpose. He does. Really? It happens again.

A yell, a scream, a grab, a cry for help. There is no In/Out sign. There is no on-call schedule. No one pre-arranges these things. They happen. For some unseen reason, I am just there.

Working backward: parent yelling, child screaming and no way I could track down the source of the sound before it stopped; photos of a young boy who was beaten by his step-dad because he was too loud in gym class; little girl, out of the corner of my eye, black eye, before I could get to her through department store crowding, she was gone; man yelling obscenities and threats at his wife from a hotel room; a man yells at and grabs his female companion; a young man, upset with his sister, swears and throws her baby stroller out of her pickup; a woman tries avoiding her argumentative male companion, she sits to eat an apple, he kicks it out of her hand, threatens her and runs away; woman tries running over her boyfriend with her car; and there are more and more.

Two years ago in October my motorcycle was delivered. That was when it really started. There were ocassional incidences before, but nothing like I have observed in the last two years. Abuse and mistreatment seemed to boil to the top and there I am. There are no coincicences.

God knows my purpose? Well. If this is it, I am ready. Bring it on.


mq01 said...

wow, razor, so maybe you HAVE in fact found your purpose?!?...

Ann said...

Bring it on! Yeah!

RazorsEdge2112 said...

mq - Yes, perhaps I have. It isn't a path or purpose for everyone.

But, I have plenty of people like Ann on the same side as I. As you stated, Ann, Bring it on!

kathy said...

My family experienced domestic abuse first-hand last year when my brother-in-law's sister was shot dead by her husband in front of their two children (ages 7 and 9). At least he had the decency to kill himself too. But the wake of pain and heartache left behind...

Go for it Razor. Right any wrong that you come across - there are so many innocent people out there who need a superhero.