Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Breaking the Habit

The amount of time and attention spent on simple, online social interaction was a true surprise. Rather than the typical 45 minutes of work and 15 minutes of checking e-mail and Face Book and news groups and forums, these multiple 15 minute breaks were consolidated into one 30 minute lunchtime escape.

And, that is not all. Yesterday evening was spent making a slow barbecue chicken dish, brownies, spending time with my daughter and reading. There was no running upstairs to check e-mail or Face Book. It was quiet and productive and relaxing.

Regardless of the relaxing nature of last night, frustration did peek it's head into the living room. Money is at a negative level; this is honestly an interesting experimental week in thriftiness and minimalism. There is money for gas, and that's about it.

Then there is the desire to be out in the garage, wrenching on Vixen. It is chilly outside, dark when I get home after work and for me, that environment is simply not conducive to wrenching.

Perhaps that is a good thing; lessons in patience are always welcome. It will be warm in the evenings soon enough.

Then there is the post sinus drip, the nausea, the difficulty sleeping, the restlessness, the scratchy throat. But, this is a good thing. Details later.

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WooleyBugger said...

Sorry to find your not feeling well.
I've done plenty of wrenching in my time, I don't know why really, but doing it at night has always seemed the best for me. Maybe it's the darkness, the solitude to think about things, the sounds and smells in the nights breeze, alone with the machine. Some good tunes going in the background and time to enjoy the peacefulness of the world in my little area of it. Perhaps a friend or two and the funny stuff that comes up in talking and less distractions.
OR, maybe the pissing off of that neighbor when you fire up the engine for a test, again and again.