Thursday, February 25, 2010


What are coincidences?


Are they simply juxtapositions of two or more things or events that show a commonality? If event A never occurred, would event B be noticed? Does A cause B? B cause A? Is there some unseen string tying the two together, only to be observed by a single person?

If I dream of a black Harley Street Glide with a four leaf clover painted on its tank, and then see that same bike on the commute home from work, that would seem odd, yes? Perhaps viewing the bike would shape the memory of the dream so as to engineer a false commonality. Maybe it was really a Triumph Bonneville with a fig leaf on it's tank riding around in my dream. Memories, especially of dreams, are fluid and fleeting, many times coming into false focus based on similar physical stimuli.

Any more, I will be damned if I know how some of these unseen things in the universe work.

This morning I wrote a little piece about Hearing a Call. The Call is unique and can mean different things to different people. Some calls are internal; some exhibit external presentations. Mine is a private call at the moment. No, I am not giving up motorcycling. No, I am not "switching teams." An, no, I am not entering the priesthood. When the time is right; timing is everything... or nothing at all.

At any rate, this morning I wrote what I wrote. This evening after leaving work, on my way to run a lengthy errand, an advertising truck caught me eye. If you are not familiar with these vehicles of questionable quantitative value, they are typically flat-bed trucks with large signs mounted to the bed. Some of them have signs that change. Others' signs are static.

This particular one was static. It was in oncoming traffic, waiting to turn left, across my path of travel. Needless to say, vehicles in this position throw imaginary red flags while I am riding. As I pass, the sign was obvious. The ware or service being advertised was unimportant. The huge words in yellow on blue, once read, would have caused my chin to drop if not for my helmet's strap.

I swear... This is what it read.

"Something is calling, Answer It!"

This stuff is just too odd for fiction.

Picture, "End of Confusion" by Wim Grooten.


mq01 said...

hmmm, whats calling razor?

RazorsEdge2112 said...

;-) Followup coming shortly.

WooleyBugger said...

I could swear I already commented on this, maybe I thought it but didn't type it.

I've been seeing signs in things I've been reading. Don't know if it's happenstance or if it's just the place my mind has been lately so these things jump out at me now from the pages.
Pretty well past the accepted middle age crazy deal but then again, what is middle age? If you live to be seventy then thirty five is middle aged. So, is it a good sign that you don't begin thinking as a middle age person until forty eight? If so then the cards hold me to living til ninety six.
Sorry for the ramble but what you wrote does give pause for thought.

Word Verifi: godge. Is that a good sign.

Justice Writer said...

I used to believe in coincidences, Razor. Then, one saved my life. I swear, it was an angel. It's too long to fit in this little box, but this is the link

I really enjoy your writing. I've witnessed many 'signs' like what you describe. Literally. Signs. Reminds me of the scene in Bruce Almighty, when Bruce is yelling at God to just show him a sign of how real he is..and that huge truckload of signs drives right past him. "Stop..Dead End..Wrong Way!" He is still clueless and never sees the signs. But you did, and you're connecting it.

I am writing a book about my bloodline. Yeah, it's a memoir. Many signs have crossed my path along this journey. One came in the form of a license plate, "BLOODLINE". It's just wild. For me, I am finaly convinced God can use anything on this planet to speak his purpose into our life, whether we believe it or not. He keeps knocking, until, finally, we see..Peace ~