Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Television - Just Shoot It!

Six months ago, my daughter, her boyfriend and I moved into an apartment. Since the cost of moving and getting the appropriate things set up was coming out of my bank account, a bold decision was made.

No cable TV. No digital converter, either. If my daughter or her boyfriend wanted it, they could pay for it. And, I am here to say, people CAN survive without it.

Well, more than survive; thrive.

Since being deprived of this mind-sucker, my daughter has acquired a job and loves it. Sure, it's Burger King, but complaints are minimal. Her grades went up an entire letter grade in ALL classes. YES! And, she now has a pet snake that SHE paid for and SHE takes care of.

Her attitude toward life and money and responsibility has entirely changed for the better.

Her boyfriend has acquired a job he likes and is doing well.

And what of I? Well, my project motorcycle is slowly moving along; I have finished four fiction books; started reading and researching the history of the county where I grew up (Mercer County, IL); taking classes in preparation of helping at a local domestic violence center; have a few websites that are in the process of being built; taught my daughter's boyfriend how to change the oil in his car; ridden across the country; started to write a few short stories; started creating videos of my rides and while I work on my VX800; and a few things that are certainly forgotten.

So, my suggestion, if at all possible, leave that television off. Or if you like, dispose of it like the person in the above video.

If I could only get my two room mates do clean the apartment and do the dishes...


mq01 said...

FABULOUS!!! enjoy all those other wonderful things you're doing. and, i bet you'll even feel physically healthier as a result. awesome razor.

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Thanks, mq. Yes, I do feel healthier. Now if only I can get rid of the smokes...

Motor-head Lady said...

Great post! My kids will be gone and off to college in a few months, it will be the dog, cats, lizards, rats and 1 fish that reside with me.
I plan on ending the cable at that time. I have loads of dvd's if I want to watch a movie!
I can't nor do I want to get rid of internet being online!