Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An 'Ill-Advised' Ride on a Honda Rebel

Yes, the urge was there. Two years ago I took my little Rebel on an ill-advised ride from Las Vegas to Kitty Hawk and back. Last Saturday I took her on another 'ill-advised' ride. We went out on some desert roads to the South East of Vegas. Damn, that was fun. Maybe I need to get a real adventure bike.


Lady Ridesalot said...

Very Cool!! I especially liked when the shadow rider came into view. You probably need to add one more horsey for the stable... not sure how many times your Rebel could take a beating like that.

BTW... did you know you had a point on your head? LOL!

Charlie said...

Pretty cool man. Since I ride the KLR so much off road I would have a hard time on the Rebel. The rake of the forks does not make it too easy to turn let alone brake. I wonder if they make dual sport tires in Rebel sizes?

RazorsEdge2112 said...

LOL Lady Ridesalot. I have a VX800 in my stable that would likely be more at home on these trails and desert roads than my Rebel. Alas, she still needs about six months of work before she is rideable. Even then, she weighs in at about 450 lb dry.

Oh, but to have a real 'adventure' bike. Maybe a KLR or a Suzuki DR... Maybe I ned to kick my daughter's boyfriend's car out of the garage. :-)

Charlie - My boss has a KLR 650 but with my short legs (inseam of only 30) it felt too tall to be comfortable. However, I read that there are mods available and adjustments that can be made to make it more comfortable for 'height challenged' riders such as myself.

dual-sport tires for the Rebel? :-D I don't know, however I do know she is not going back onto desert roads any time soon. It was just something I HAD to try.

Sojourner rides said...

Excellent video! I loved the helmet mount perspective--and the ride on the Rebel--too cool! Thanks.