Saturday, August 21, 2010

Messages, Searching & Trips

A lot of miles in a car. Not my idea of an ideal trip but my daughter enjoyed it, and honestly, so did I.

A week ago, my daughter, her boyfriend and I embarked on a road trip from Las Vegas to New Boston, IL to see my family. Oil problems in Utah, going down the wrong way on a one way in Colorado, flat tire in Colorado, motel fire alarm and emergency vehicles in Iowa City...

By most definitions this was indeed an adventure and a good trip. Pics and commentary soon.

Ever have a 'sign' come up and smack you on the face, saying, "Hey, ya, I'm talking to YOU?"


mq01 said...

that sign, yes, but it takes me a while to get it sometimes, lol...
so what was your sign?

WooleyBugger said...

Did I tell you about the sign I got the night my mother passed away. It was so obvious to me.

Can't wait to see those pictures Ken.

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