Sunday, August 01, 2010

Switching Gears

It is time for a hiatus from my restoration project. The last attempt at cleaning the carburetors yielded nice shiny aluminum and brass that seemed to fit well and meet all service manual specifications.

What I actually got was a rear carb that spat out fuel as if it were being dumped on the ground. Likely suspect in this is the float or needle valve.

The operation of removing the carburetor is not minor. Several electrical connections must be disconnected, several cables removed, fuel lines disconnected and the airbox partially disassembled and carefully slid out of place. As much desire there is to take care of these issues, the Las Vegas heat expressed in the garage is just too much.

Combine that with Atena's clutch and other maintenance items needing attention, and the result is obvious. My VX800 needs to be shelved for a short while. It is better to have a well maintained, rideable bike than several partially rideable ones.


mq01 said...

ah, yes, priorities and juggling :) hope you find some respite from the heat razor

Unknown said...

Oh can I understand this frustration. My old Hondas have 4 carbs, but 2 are enough to be a pain to remove and mount. I don't even get excited when I put them back on anymore I'm so sure something terrible will happen with one. Sometimes you just need to step back, get something working, and then go back to a situation like that.