Sunday, November 21, 2010

Did I Do Something Wrong, Officer?

I have only a few speeding tickets to my name. That didn't matter.

I have had multiple FBI NCIC background checks over the course of the past two years. That didn't matter.

I was not carrying contraband. That didn't matter.

Opt-out was not explained to me. That didn't matter.

When I purchased my flight ticket from Orbitz last month, I do not recall agreeing to a violation such as this. It didn't matter.

Yes, I went through a backscatter X-Ray machine at the Raleigh Durham airport.

While not necessarily a prude, the knowledge that some un-named person somewhere saw me naked is a little unsettling. There is no transparency. Doctors or other medical professionals seeing me "au naturale" can be researched and reviewed. A lawyer can check up on any law enforcement officer giving me a pat-down. Not so for this.

While I am not a scare monger, conspiracy advocate nor against any form of lawful protection, this is troublesome. Jokingly, I can think, 'Damn, someone saw me naked and I didn't even get lunch out of the deal.' Nonetheless, it is disturbing.

When planning my next trip, I will seriously consider utilizing other modes of transportation.


mq01 said...

shortly after reading your post i started seeing news reports on tv RE: same. hmmm. this bugs me razor. i can see metal detectors. i can see scanners. but i cannot see displaying me nude up on the scanner monitor/screen for all of OAK to see. and i certainly cannot see this combined with further need for a pat down. come on peeps, investigative requirements should be one or the other, not ALL. how much more invasive does it need to be? should we just shut down airports instead? how safe are we/not?!?

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Hey there, Ms M! Long time no chat!

SUPPOSEDLY, only a person of the same sex views the nekkid pictures from the scanner. However, there was a news report several months ago that indicated some images were sent elsewhere for 'training' purposes.

I just don't see it as always necessary. IMHO, it is an invasion of privacy.

And the kids! Yes, under age kids are subjected to scanners and the enhanced pat down. If anyone but the government were viewing pictures of nekkid kids or touching them in sensitive areas, there would be serious issues.

Perhaps we are safest when on two wheels... No pat-downs or nekkid exposure unless we say it is OK.

WooleyBugger said...

Yes it's disturbing. J. Edgar would have loved it you know. I think there should be a probable cause rule here, meaning, if you go through the metal detector and set off the alarm then after emptying out all your pockets and any metal items you still set off the walk through alarm...THEN have the xray deal done. Otherwise everyone is subject to this demeaning humiliating process like a criminal.
This stuff is getting way out of hand.