Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Yearly Trip to North Carolina - With a Bonus!

This is what I awoke to see, nearly every morning a few weeks ago. Having morning coffee on the deck overlooking my friend's farm was sublime.

This yearly pilgrimage began three years ago when I rode my little Honda Rebel to visit. It wasn't easy riding a little Rebel 5800 miles round trip, but without a doubt, the friendship and fantastic view was worth it.

Last year I rode my Sporty down to Florida, then up to my friend's farm, and then back home. There was little time to visit on that trip. This inconvenience was likely a blessing; her boyfriend was a little psycho.

So, this year I flew. The visit time was much longer and her boyfriend is a great fellow. There was just something missing and I know what it was. It was the ride; the journey that was different.

What was the bonus? I spent time sharing stories and having a beer in front of a bon-fire with none other than Wooley Bugger! Buddy, I am definitely riding back there so you can show me some of the back roads and museums.

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WooleyBugger said...

I'm glad we got to have a beer and tell some tales as I enjoyed the meet. Hell, I should have ridden Rat Bastard out there but would've felt bad, or worse - left me walking.
Come back earlier in the year, me and a couple friends will be heading to Mont Airy to take in the Andy Griffith museum, dine at the Snappy lunch and hit some scenic roads.