Tuesday, June 26, 2007

As you make your bed, So must you lie on it.
English Saying.

Typically I have little problem finding just the right quote to match the topic I want to write about. At times I see a quote and it sparks a thought. Alas, this is problematic from time to time. With this topic, neither really happened.

What is this topic that I found so difficult to quote? Personal responsibility.

This is the common sense sort of personal responsibility with no complex religious, moral or political bias. The simple things. Don't golf in a thunderstorm. Don't flip-off a policeman. Don't run out in the middle of a four lane highway. Don't continue driving when your engine oil light comes on. Don't mix Chlorine and Ammonia. There must be a million of these.

Then there are the “well, duh” sort of situations. Take sleeping pills, chances are you will fall asleep. Drink more than two beers in an hour and you are probably, according to the law anyway, drunk. Write lies and abusive, idiotic drivel, and someone will call you to the carpet. Ignore that gas gage long enough and that car will stop moving. Again, millions of them.

I think in the due course of a lifetime, one will certainly violate several of these common sense items. As humans, we are not perfect; we make mistakes and then typically learn, let go and move on.

Unfortunately I know of people who regularly violate the personal responsibility of common sense. There are some who violate this responsibility and somehow avoid circumstance. There are violators who seemingly have good Samaritans, indentured servants, or witless individuals to protect them from the consequences of their actions. And then there are those who accept the outcome, only to continue.

The ones with good Samaritans on their side may possibly be helped. How? By letting them fall on their ass and allow them the opportunity to pick themselves up. Give them the opportunity for an education. Maybe, just maybe they will learn.

But then there are those who don't learn. Those that just keep going down the dead end alley. They don't learn. Maybe they don't want to. Maybe they can't learn.

How many times must a person misuse drugs before they learn? How many times must a person break the law and are thrown in jail before they learn? How many times must a person drink themselves into oblivion before they learn?

How long must a person grieve over a relationship that has been dead for years? How many times must one beat their head bloody before they even obtain an inkling that something isn't right.

The sad thing is this... Some go to the grave with a bloody forehead.

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