Saturday, June 09, 2007

Just get off yer ass and do it!
My dad

Journeys have neither beginning nor end. Beginnings and endings are simple narrow artifices that humans give to events in an effort to place them into some easily conceivable context. Don't blame us for that; it's a simple matter of how our brains are wired.

Our lives, as with the entire universe, operate in cycles. Beginnings and endings merge and become jumbled in a cacophony of inter-related events. A writer could easily say that they started writing a book on a certain day and completed it when it was printed. To our hardwired human brains, that is how we perceive it. The writer may not remember or even recognize the importance of something as trivial as receiving a pen and pad of paper for her seventh birthday. Without that gift, perhaps the successful author would have never conceived of the book. So, when was that book started?

Does a choice start with its precursive events or at the moment a person makes a choice? Or just maybe the choice was made at the time of the event, without the knowledge of the person. Maybe, just a subconscious nudge in one direction or another.

My dad was a proponent of just getting things done. Small or big, things left undone can only cause problems. There are multitude of little and big things we would all like to do. What stops us from doing them?

Maybe. Just maybe, if we were just get off our collective asses and do something, our world would be better; not just for us, but maybe for that seven year old you buy that cheap pen set for.

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