Saturday, June 09, 2007

You say that you are my judge. I don't know if you are — but take care not to judge wrongly, lest you place yourself in great danger.
Joan of Arc

(I wrote this about a year ago and decided to post it tonight.)

Each person's path is unique and by pure definition, must be. Judge yourself before laying judgment on others.

I am screwed up. My life a mess. Decisions made that now must be followed. Not because I must, but because I want to. All will gain by following through.

I do my best to insulate my close friends from myself and my messed up existence. But what if they want to open their doors to me? What if they choose to accept some of my burden? Do I allow them, even if it messes up their already complex life? Opening up could create new paths of existence and experience, but at what cost?

Opening up completely to them could cause a harm that I do not desire anyone to have. My burden is mine alone to carry. But if someone offers to help, knowingly causing themselves harm, should I let them?

Who is to judge, whom I share my existence and experiences with? The answer is simple and short. Only the people I share with and myself. We decide and no one else.


Hannah said...

I think opening up is one of the hardest things to do. FOR me personally as well!

Others can't fix anything - that must be done by us.

I opened up to a few, and I found just their empathy lighten the load. Just knowing they are there, and will listen and give what they can in support - helps so very much!

Heck it took my father passing away before I even allowed myself to cry.

Its like a steam kettle. You need to take the top off a little from time to time, or the darn thing will explode! YOu don't release all the pressure, but little spits here and there! LOL It relives the pressure!

I found opening up just a little isn't burdening anyway in the way I felt it would. I think it benefited both parties actually!

Can'tBreathe said...

I have found that sharing my burden with a friend, and that friend sharing with me, doesn't always lessen the load, but it sure makes the road less lonely.