Friday, January 11, 2008

A Crack

A door has been opened a crack. Through it a light that illuminates but does not shine fell forth. All and nothing from within. Only a crack. Gaining a glimpse of eternity, truth in the shadow of a life partially lived.

Unexpected revelations occur at unexpected times under unexpected circumstances. That is the nature of the unexpected. A short ride, a novice on a willing conveyance of the soul. Utter clear concentration and focus allows things to happen within the searching soul. A door. Hinges unused for an eternity creak.

Piloting a car, one may enjoy the concept of free physical travel. On a motorcycle this is a soulful epiphany. Only a small view is sufficient to know the path is right and just; that there are more things in the universe unseen than seen. The soul moves and is freed by the joining of the real and ethereal existences.

Traveling from point A to point B is nothing. So much worldly energy is expended on the points and transitioning from one to the other along a line. In mathematics, points are nothing more than dimensionless coordinates in space. The line nothing more than than a one dimensional entity connecting two points. And this is many peoples' lives complete; the points and lines.

There is more to life. There is everything between.

The door now opened cannot be closed. The light does not blind but is warming and gentle and illuminating. Light reflects from what was, what is and what could be. As the door opens, so does the mind.

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