Friday, August 07, 2009

Holding the Reins Tight

So, what to do this weekend... Saturday is to be cooler than normal, likely no warmer than 95. There are a few dollars roaming in my pocket, so where to?

There are things to do Saturday morning and a friend is coming over Sunday to help pack, so only about twelve hours. What cool place can I go within 12 hours? Someplace secluded; someplace quiet; someplace uncommon...

The first place that came to mind was Rachel, Nevada and the Little A'Le'Inn. But, why make that my point of turn around?

After poking around Google Earth, I found a little ghost town site between Rachel and Tonopah called Warm Springs. Any guess why?

If you answered, 'Because of the warm springs, duh!!!' You would be correct! Apparently this little place was home to a stage coach station back in the mid-to-late 1800's. While very few remains of the station and other buildings of that era still remain, supposedly a previous owner in the 40's or 50's tried to make the area into a nice, relaxing rest stop for people traveling between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles.

Later in the 20th century, someone attempted to operate a little bar and grill. While it is now abandoned, the building is still there.

At any rate, it seemed like a perfect little day trip for Saturday. A cool morning ride up to dip my toes in a real, natural warm spring. Then, a ride over to the Little A'Le'Inn for lunch. Finish it off with a relaxing ride back to Vegas.

So, yesterday the plan is set and I start my pre-trip bike check-out.

Oil? Check
Lights? Check
Controls? All solid. Check.

Ah... Tires???

Hello??? Are the tires OK???

Crap. Reality hits me. I need a new front tire. Not only is the wear below the wear bars, but the tread is nearly gone. I have no problem commuting back and forth to work, but to ride 300 miles into the desert where there is no cell coverage? Maybe not right now.

So I check. $130 for a new tire and mounting from a local independent. Only $130. Nope. The cash I have is needed for the move. Next month.

So, this morning I am poking around Craigs List while waiting for some reports to run and what do I find? As some of you may know, I have a 1991 Suzuki VX800 project bike. Well, I really need a donor bike to make mine complete. I found one. Only $200 and a five hour drive away.

BUT. Cash is short. Maybe next month.

Perhaps this is a little learning experience. Right now I hold the reins tight, but definitely not forever.


MeanDonnaJean said...

"What cool place can I go within 12 hours? Someplace secluded; someplace quiet; someplace uncommon..."

Hmmmmmm.....someplace close by that's secluded, quiet 'n uncommon.....that could be a tuff one.

Well, the BATHROOM seems like the most logical place to me.....but what the heck do *I* know, anyway?

Besides...its the only thing I could come up with on such short notice ;-)

But I'm sure ya'll figure somethin' out....somethin' that's a whole lot smarter than what *I* just said up above.

Stacy said...

Hang in there! We're in a similar situation here, mostly self-imposed belt-tightening and saving like crazy due to the "economic uncertainty" that all public servants are now facing.

mq01 said...

new tire razor, you ride, you really ride, you need the new tire my dear. budgeting stinks, i know, i can relate to all of this...

the warm springs sounds divine...

Lady Ridesalot said...

I have to agree with mq01... Projects are nice but they can't take ya down the road when they're still on the rack.

If you can only open one door for the moment, open the one with the new tire... and go ride!! :}