Saturday, August 08, 2009

Target Fixation

One thing every motorcycle rider must learn to avoid is target fixation. Target fixation is a process or situation when the mind focuses on one thing to the exclusion of most everything else.

Beginning riders have a propensity to look down at the road in front of the wheel. They also have tendencies to focus on what their brains think are hazards. Things like light poles and caution signs and even median dividers can be deadly.

Riders fight target fixation their entire lives. Maybe drivers' education and training should focus more on this topic.

You see, I was nearly the victim of target fixation today. Not MY fixation, but the fixation of a car driver.

While riding in a little group today, a car driver seemed to become fixated on the front of our group and changed lanes... right where I was. Thank goodness for good brakes!

And thanks to the other folks in my group who watched out for me.

Ride and drive safely all!


Lady Ridesalot said...

Glad it turned out okay. We rode about 280 miles yesterday and my hubby had an encounter with an eagle that had target fixation. The darn thing flew up from the ground next to the road right as we passed and stayed with him for a few feet before he flew straight up in front of me. It was an awesome sight and all I could say was... "wooaaa!"

This is why we ride!

mq01 said...

razor, you have a guardian angel riding with you. not only did you find and fix athena's brake issue last week, but now this. wow... im glad you are ok. seems like you're blessed my friend.

and ladyR, holy moly, that sounds amazing. i can just imagine mixing it up with an eagle. wow.

GYMONR said...

Hmmm sometimes there is NOT strength in numbers...Ha-ha.
Big Al