Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cross Country Redux - T-Minus 16 Days

More or less...

After my cross country ride last year, a decision was made. Every year I would take one helluva ride somewhere. This year there were two choices. First was a ride to Yellowknife and back. Nearly 5,000 miles of solitude and scenery and green. Second was a wild idea; a 50CC. For those that don't know, a 50CC is a hell-ride. Coast to coast, San Diego to Jacksonville, FL in under 50 hours.


Athena could likely do either. But, could I? Yellowknife seems wonderfully exotic but a bit expensive. A 50CC ride would be harsh and punishing. What if something broke down? What if...

One of my best friends lives in North Carolina and another in Florida. Other friends seem to start popping up; one in Texas, one in Louisiana, one in Michigan, one in Pennsylvania, one in Wisconsin, several in New England.

The decision was made for 2009, another coast to coast, not a 50CC. A three day hard ride from Vegas to Pensacola in preparation for a 50CC in 2010. But when? I wanted to leave early in October but events and plans precluded that. Early November was decided. I would depart on Halloween. But... always a but... Something had slipped my mind. An event on November 7th I needed to attend here in Las Vegas.

Leave on November 8? I would be back near Thanksgiving. There are plans in the works to be in Northern CA then. And what of the cold, unpredictable weather in the midwest?

So, I look and think. After Thanksgiving wouldn't do. I want, no, need the ride. And there it was. October 16 through Halloween. Two weeks plus one day. It is now up to my boss. If he gives the green light, there it is.

Money is tight so gas and motels will be the limit of my expenses. Food will all be packed.

I am excited; elated. Several years ago within my mind, the definition of an adventure was defined. Any time I say to my self, "what the hell am I doing," it is an adventure. Life is an adventure. Let's ride.


MeanDonnaJean said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan to me with some pretty decent dates, too. Not too hot/not too cold. I wish ya only well....great safe ridin' with plenty of money 'n food to last ya for the duration.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that The Boss gives ya time off. But if he don't, just call in sick for those weeks ;-)

GYMONR said...

Are you going to be bloging along the way?
Big AL

WooleyBugger said...

Well I tell ya what, if you happen this way and need a little grub give a holler. I think perhaps you'll be through this way.

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Thanks all. Ya, Donna Jean, the weather should be wonderful. I got the time off (luckily my boss is a rider) but have other issues now.

Al, I hope to. My little tiny laptop doesn't take up much space in my saddle bags so I plan to bring it along for the ride.

Wolley, I will let you know when I am in your neck of the woods. Should be there a day or two.

mq01 said...

ooooooh fabulous!!! have a great ride razor, be safe, and enjoy!!!