Sunday, September 20, 2009

One Foot

Stop sign.

Small blue and silver car.

Driver didn't stop.

Second gear.

Front wheel off the ground.

One foot.

There are several four way stops near where I live. I am always, I mean ALWAYS careful. It paid off by the fact I am not writing this from a hospital room. Or worse, that I am not able to write this at all.

I stop at the same time two other vehicles do; one to the right, one to the left. Person on the right goes and person on the left waves at me. Once the intersection is clear I start. In mid intersection, to my right, a speeding car masked by the other stopped traffic.

There was no hesitation, no thought. I twist the throttle to WOT in an instant. The front wheel comes up just as the car passes within a foot of my rear fender. they didn't even slow down. Probably better for them. If they had, I just might have given them an ear-full.

If I had been in my pickup, I would have been T-Boned. On my Rebel, well, there would have been no way to get out of the way. Athena carried me through.

Maybe she was happy to get a nice new front tire. Perhaps she was watching out for me. Maybe the new ride bell a friend bought for me. Maybe it was just physics.

Any more, I don't know.

Ride safe out there, just like you are invisible.


MeanDonnaJean said...

Thank heaven ya've got the ridin' skills to deal with assholes 'n shit like that.....'n ya probably deal with it on a damn near daily basis, too. Fuckin' cagers.

mq01 said...

im glad that it turned out well and that you are ok. that description of yours stopped me in my tracks. i was the passenger in a t-bone thru a 2 way stop (rather than 4). i was in my bosses car, returning to the office from lunch, 2 yrs ago. not fun my friend...not fun.

the bell and new tire already served you well, my friend.

RazorsEdge2112 said...

DonnJean, honestly not sure where I got these 'skills' you speak of. :-D Honestly, this October will only be my second year on two wheels. Cagers!!! ARGH. Yup. Deal with that insanity on a daily basis. Just tweeks me off with how many people I see texting or reading or even watching TV or a movie while they drive.

Thanks, mq. WOW. Was anyone hurt in that? There was a t-bone here, van against little car that I witnessed early this year. Not pretty.

Ah, the tire. Now that it has a few hundred miles on her and plenty of grip, grinding the pegs is somewhat more fun and a lot less worrisome. ;-)

RazorsEdge2112 said...

oops, DonnaJean. Sorry about that. Not sure where that 'a' went.