Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No Offense and No Disrespect, But...

Nearly a decade ago when I started to grow out my beard and hair, my loving work associates started something that still follows. "No offense Ken, but you look like Captain Caveman."

And so I did.

It was a crazy time where I work. Projects and new clients were coming fast and hard. This particularly crazy morning was after a 24+ hour stint in the office; this co-worker was certainly sharp in their observation.

But it was said in jest, in good humor. There was no malice intended.

Perhaps some kind blog reader out there can clarify something... Why do some people preface a patently offensive or disrespectful comment with "No offense or disrespect intended, but..." ???

"No offense, but you stink and look like Captain Caveman." And your point?

"No offense or disrespect but you ride like shit, can't write a decent program to save your ass and the grammar you write with reminds me of my brother's three year old. No offense of course." STFU!

No one said this specifically, it is merely an example. Over the course of the last week many hours have been spent reading public comments on different news articles. This seems to be a new theme, attempting to divert responsibility for comments that indeed offensive or disrespectful. Perhaps it is a societal facet becoming more evident.

Regardless, no offense or disrespect intended, it is disingenuous, irritating and I just don't like it.


mq01 said...

:( oh oh

Lady R (Di) said...

Reminds me of when us southerners say... "Bless your heart!" We genuinely mean... you moron!

No offense...

Charlie said...

I am with you on this. That goes along with people that think every conversation needs to be so politically correct anymore they can't get a point across. Or people that use "air quotes" all the time.

Lucky said...

Yeah, "No offense" is right up there with "That's not how I meant it" to get out of trouble after saying something outrageous.

Well, you said it, own up to it. ;)

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Thanks all. It was just a grumpy last two weeks. I do enjoy my 'Captain Caveman" moniker. :-)

WooleyBugger said...

They used to call me the "Lemon Donkey" (Sour ass)when complaining about sub standard equipment at work. Then one guy cut off his finger because safty equipment had been removed. Who's the Lemon Donkey now.