Wednesday, October 25, 2006

October 25, 2006
T-minus-13 days.

Turn around and walk the razor's edge.

Originally this joural/blog was named “The Wounded Traveler,” until I searched a bit and found “The Parable of the Good Samaritan.” Within the context of this story, there is no way I could be defined as a “wounded traveler.”

Yes, perhaps several years ago, I may have been malleable and weak enough to fit this “Wounded Traveler” reference. No more. Yes, it is indeed true that I do occasionally make mistakes and can be knocked off balance and even hurt. But now, I am stronger. I can speak my mind and truly understand that I own my opinions and actions and behavior and soul.

I am no longer the withered, pitiful “wounded traveler”. I now, stand with sword in hand defending myself and those who need defense. I stand beside others in friendship and camaraderie. I stand in front of some, helping forge their way through the world I have been through and at times being pushed. I stand behind some, at times pushing, at times being pulled. At times I hold another and comfort and at times I am held and comforted.

I am Walking the Razor's Edge.

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