Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Go forth on your path, as it exists only through your walking.
Saint Augustin

I like this quote. In the universe of quantum physics, nothing exists unless it is observed. Specifically, this is not really correct. Quantum physics roughly states that all possibilities exist until a specific possibility is observed. But there is a catch. At the moment something is observed, the event is altered. In the observing of an event, as transient or benign as that may be, that event itself is altered.

Therefore, does the viewing of something effect the outcome? Does the path exist only because one is walking it? Saint Augustin may have been a religious man, but just maybe, he knew a little about quantum physics.

Does this path I am now traveling only exist because I am traveling it? Of course. This path is mine and mine alone. My existence, my trek down this path creates ripples of my own creation; my own existence. These ripples affect others. I drive down the darkened road and illuminate it for others. I pass cars and trucks, effecting them, if only minutely. For better or worse I effect peoples' lives within my path. Viewed as right or wrong by others, I am the judge of my own path.

A life un-lived is a life not lived. Life is a path. Each person must be the judge of their own path. Some people live a bohemian lifestyle, somewhat contrary to popular norms. Those living that life are the judges of that lifestyle. Within the context of their lifestyle, they judge what is right or wrong. They travel their own path and it exists, right or wrong, as judged by others. But, it is not right for others to judge.

To many, nudists live a impure life. Was it not Adam and Eve who walked naked in the Garden of Eden? Personally, I view the human body a beautiful instrument of nature. But not just externally beautiful. Like a light bulb, beauty resonates from within. It resonates from the soul through our corporeal bodies. Beautiful people are as such through deed and belief and individuality, not through lip liner or mascara or plastic surgery. The radiance of a beautiful person eclipses all physical alterations human kind can imagine. True beauty is an illumination from within, false beauty is illuminated from the light of others.

OK, I am not sure why I am writing this. Perhaps it is road exhaustion, perhaps the beer, perhaps my freedom from the constant stresses of the day. A friend asked me today, how it felt to be free. It is an odd feeling. Liberating but unsure. I sit in my hotel room in Flagstaff, Arizona pondering life and the path and what is right and what is wrong.

I am enjoying this solitude. The night is mine. The drink is mine. The path is mine.

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