Saturday, May 03, 2008


This just about sums up my week. I am a professional computer programmer by trade and training, although I use that term professional a bit loosely here. I have been pushing bits and bytes now for nearly 25 years. There used to be an exhilaration to it, and there still is from time to time. Now, though, there seems to be more road blocks; complexities.

I want to do something simple. Connect two or more computers to each other on the internet and let them exchange real-time audio data. Simple you say? Well, that's what I said... initially.

My only requirements were simple; the language had to be something called C# and it must use a communications session control protocol called SIP. OK. Can't be that bad.

After three days of searching and experimenting and trying and writing and compiling and swearing and smoking and reading, I have made very little headway. It would seem this path is full of complications and issues.

Then, my personal life. No good deed goes unpunished. My ex-wife is in my truck and says "The seat belt is all twisted," as she tries putting it on. I reach over, pull it and buckle. It's good now. No. "You never believe me when I say something is wrong!" Damn. I just thought I helped her, nothing more. I won't bore you with the rest. It's complicated...

So, yes. I have a Honda Rebel. It is simple compared to other bikes. Single carburetor. Simple ignition and timing, with no computers involved. There is no fuel pump or fancy, sparkly things to have problems. Compared with technology 100 years ago, this bike nears the definition of witchcraft. Compared with my complicated life this week, and, well, the world today, my little motorcycle is simple.

So, you know what? I'm going for a ride.


Doug C said...

I nearly pulled my hair out after 3 days of trying to configure a SIP server that would do its thing without puking on me every hour or so. And understanding women? I missed that training session.

Sounds like you found the perfect solution for the moment. ;-)

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Wait a minute... You know about SIP? And Motorcycles??? Excellent! This SIP programming is confusing. I ask our telecom guys at work for a good beginners book on SIP, just to get my footing, and they point me to a book on Asterisk. Interesting but not completely exactly on topic.

My end result is supposed to be an IVR system that accepts inbound SIP connect requests, acquires an audio stream, interacts with the caller through audio prompts and DTMF tones. If necessary, the call will be transferred to another SIP endpoint and my IVR program will remove itself from the call.

It looks SO simple on a call flow diagram. And I know it has been done... Problem is, I don't know anyone who has done it that wants to talk! LOL

Thanks again, Doug! E-mail me if ya want - kc7rad <@t>