Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lamenting the Standard (Part 2)

In retrospect, I think the title of these two posts should have been something like 'Reviewing the Standard Motorcycles'. Truthfully, this is more a review than lamentation. But, I ramble on; here is part 2.

Now, Suzuki offers quite a few bikes they describe as standard: B-King; Bandit; SV650 (picture on the left); and the GZ250. All but the GZ has a serious leaning towards the sports bike look but their more upright seating and higher handlebars make them more of a 'standard' than a typical sports bike. And, strangely enough, the little GZ250 looks a LOT like the Honda Rebel.

Suzuki GZ250

Harley Davidson, the last of the “Big Five” offers some great cruisers, but the only bike they offer that is close to a standard is the Buell Blast. It seems to be more dual-sport than standard.

Triumph offers some great standards: the Scrambler; and Bonneville. These bikes are classics that will get you around just about anywhere there’s a road. And if there isn’t, the Scrambler will get you there anyway.Triumph Scrambler

Triumph Bonneville

The closest thing to a standard offered by BMW is what they call urban. Their styling really doesn’t fall into the category of standard, but their function does. Their urban models include the R1200R, K1200R, G650 Xmoto, and the G650 Xcountry.

BMW XCountry

So, there aren't many standard motorcycles out there for us who enjoy them. But luckily, the ones that are still in production are high quality machines and there seem to be a good supply on the used market. Standard motorcycle lovers who don't mind getting their hands dirty have no need to lament! There are 'project bikes' out there by the ton.

OK, enough chit-chat. I'm going for a ride.


Anonymous said...

Very nice write up.
You may want to check out the Kawasaki Versys. It is a very nice standard.


RazorsEdge2112 said...

Thanks Dan. That is another bike that I drool over. For me, with my 29 inch inseam, the Versys seems a bit tall. I understand they can be lowered a bit, and if one could be lowered enough, it would definitely fall onto my 'list of possible next bikes.'


Mike said...

Old post I know, but I had to throw my two cents in for the H-D Sportster in its non-Custom form.

The standard 883 and the 1200R both have mid-pegs, and the ride is very much that of a standard, as opposed to a cruiser.

I had a 2006 that I set up for Sport Touring, and it did the job pretty darn well.