Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday's Undirected Motorcycle Thoughts

I am tired. As a matter of fact, Tuesday I was so tired I drove my truck to work instead of riding. Yes, it is that time again. I am on-call for work. As such, Tuesday at about 2 AM I was woken to the happy "BZZZRRRR BZZZRRRR" of my cell phone announcing an urgent message from work.

That really didn't start the week off well for me.

BUT, on the bright side, I am employed and I enjoy the folks I work with, and have a long weekend. A little overcast, little cool; nice weekend for a ride.

So, I have several motorcycle plans for this weekend. Number one, is to lubricate the front forks. They have been getting rather sticky and not responding the way they should to smaller bumps. I don't want to change the fork oil quite yet.

Then there are the valves that need to be checked. About 800 miles ago my Rebel should have received her 4000 mile check-up. I have done everything else; oil change; chain lube; check front and rear wheel bearings; check fork bearing; check spark plugs; etc... There is a distinctive pinging on the right side of the engine that indicates to me that something is not right with the valves in there.

I really need to go head to toe and check for loose things. I found a loose nut on the triple-tree last week and decided that I would spend at least an hour this weekend checking her for loose parts.

Then, in preparation for my big ride later this year, I am planning a 300M ride one day. Yes, 300 miles on a Honda Rebel. Don' worry. Pictures will be posted!

Ride safe, all!

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