Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Let the Insanity Begin!

Day one, for my trip to the east coast is planned! Ok, I know when some take off on a motorcycle trip, they just pack and head out with little more that a rough idea of where they are going. I am not completely like that. I need a more solid plan than that.

So, let's try these embedded google maps again:

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If this looks funny, you can also follow this google maps link. The goal of my first few days is to get out of the desert heat. That said, I will be heading North, up to Idaho, then east across Wyoming. Day one will start from the house here in Henderson and end in Ely, NV where I will probably stay in a nice cool hotel room. Stops will include Overton, Moapa, Alamo, Hiko, Sunny Side, Rues Place and Lund. As is typical in the desert, services will be sparse in places, so I will be relying on a Jerry Can with gas and plenty of water.

AND! I have my first donation in support of my trip! My immediate boss, Randy Holland donated a small, two person tent to my insane cause. Who knows... Maybe I will have the chance to share the tent with someone on the trip??? (LOL)


Doug C said...

I am envious of you and your planned trip. Is this the 2 or 3 week vaca you mentioned a while back?

In an effort to make myself indespensible to my employer (read:1 man IT shop providing destop, server, network, printer & fax support) I have pretty much sealed my fate as far as taking multiple consecutive weeks off. (sigh)

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Yup. This is my planned day #1 of my 3 week trip. I can sympathize with you about being the one-man IT shop. I did that for about three years once. There was only myself and one other person. I don't remember taking a single week day of vacation there.