Tuesday, September 09, 2008

T-Minus 17 Days and Counting!

Time is getting short and I am getting excited! The sweet thought of riding a small lonely two lane asphalt road in 60F degree temps, green fields all around, is as close to heavenly riding as my heat-addled brain can imagine. And I am less than twenty days from that. Two weekends and I shall be on my journey.

Unfortunately I am still without a bike. The clutch springs are still not in. HOPEFULLY they will arrive by tomorrow or I will need to order them elsewhere. This weekend is my target date for clutch repair. If it doesn't happen then, I can do it on the weekend following, but I will be completely unable to run any shake-out rides.

I was quite pleased to read on the My 2 Wheels website that members (local I presume) receive discounts from Motorcycle Tire Center here in Vegas. I called them this morning and asked for a quote. Hopefully they will give me some good news.

And, I am asking all of my humble readers. Those that ride and those that don't. Man, woman and child... Please visit my site and sign my guest book. The support you give me on this journey is support for the abused.

Ride safe, all!

1 comment:

Baron's Life said...

Ok, i heard about you from Kano...
This sounds like it could be an exciting trip to follow and read about.
Good luck, all the best...I will be following your posts everyday.
I tried to sign your guest book, but it seems you have the wrong link...anyway, something is not working there.

Cheers, happy travels and keep safe