Wednesday, September 24, 2008

T-Minus 2 Friggin' Days!!!

Holy Shit! Can I say that???

Bike has two new tires, new friction plates, new front brakes and new wind screen. All I have left to do is run an electrical connection for my radio tracker and change the oil. That's it!!!

The anticipation is almost palpable. I haven't had butterflies in my stomach like this since my first girlfriend in highschool! The anticipation; the adrenalin; the hope; it is all melding together into a great launch for a fabulous adventure.

6000 miles on a Honda Rebel CMX250C. Mechanics have told me that I will likely loose the engine before I get to Illinois. Others have told me something else on the bike will break. And others tell me it simply can't be done in three weeks.

Then there are others that give me hugs, or handshakes or the ADVRider Salute. Many other riders are envious and made me promise to take a lot of photos and not drink too much. To hear a seasoned rider tell me that he has never even attempted something like that and wished he could ride along, really makes me feel good.

This is something a good portion of the motorcycling public have never attempted. And, the group of those intrepid riders who have done this on such a small bike is even smaller. It's a good feeling!

(Brakes, luggage rack, spark plugs and windscreen are courtesy of Jacks Rebel Warehouse Thanks Jack!)


Kano said...

Good Luck, God Speed and Happy Trails!

Ken said...

Thank you, Kano!

Conchscooter said...

people that try to squish other people's dreams deserve evferything they wish on you. Your rebel will do just fine, you'll see. You will do even better. (I have ridden miles on small motorcycles. I just didn't realise they were small at the time).

dave said...

Once upon a time we didn't have Goldwings and GS's and Ultra's...and people got all over this country on two wheels. You did it and others can to. I am thinking that if my son sees this he will be dreaming of taking our 1984 V30 Magna on a serious road trip!