Wednesday, September 03, 2008

T-Minus 23 Days and Counting

How does everyone feel about flexible trip plans? I love them!

On this trip, I plan on visiting my Mom and family in Illinois. I plan on visiting several friends in North Carolina. I hope to visit a friend in Louisiana. BUT, I am keeping everything flexible. That flexibility is paying off a bit.

I was chatting with an old friend out east who would like to spend an afternoon chatting and visiting. No Problem. I will just change part of my return trip. As long as I drag my butt into work on October 20, I am OK. In this entire trip, that is the only thing that is written in stone; my return date.

So, as my bike sits on the back patio, looking lonely and forlorn, I await the delivery of a new set of friction plates for the clutch and font brake pads. Yes, she looks sad, but when I am done, she should be ready for an easy 6,000 miles!


Earl Thomas said...

I just read a post from a friend of mine who did a piece about domestic violence on his blog. As I read it, I thought about you and your trip. I don't think that I'll ever understand the actions of those who behave violently towards those they love.

His blog is

Ride Well and I hope you can get the bike running soon.


irondad said...

Rigidly flexible. It's the only way to fly!