Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another one of THOSE dreams...

It isn't the nightmares; Only rarely do they shove a knife into my conscious, and when they do, I usually find them somewhat comical.

It isn't the dreams of falling; Recognizing and changing them into a journey through rarefied air is a personal joy.

It isn't the dreamless nights; The peace is refreshing.

It isn't the dreams of those who have died; They are gone but is nice to see them once in a while.

It isn't the dreams of gliding along a deserted road on my motorcycle; Those are some of my favorites!

What is it? THOSE dreams that I really dislike? It may make little sense to most out there but here it is... Sex. Either overt or covert, I despise them and force myself awake as soon as they are recognized.

Last night's dream was very covert. I am at a bike rally and start talking with this blond woman about long distance riding. She loves long distance touring and typically rides the Valkyrie that used to belong to her dad.

She is smart; Master's degree in something. Young; about 33 or so. Very low maintenance; blue jeans, t-shirt and simple button-up blouse. Her problem is that she travels and writes for a living, so has a hard time with relationships.

I ask her to some event that evening. She rides her bike and I, mine. We get there and arm-in-arm walk in; we kiss. It is a gym, and it is huge. The tickets were for floor seats. Maybe this is a sporting even of some sort.

Part of my mind is enjoying the warmth of her skin; softness of her jeans; intelligence of her conversation. Another part is screaming "GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!!".

We walk hand-in-hand to our seats. There, in the seat next to mine, is my first wife. Don't get me wrong, in real life there are no hard feelings between us. She is a fine woman with a great family.

But, that was all my logical mind could take. 4:30 AM and I awoke in a foul mood.

For me, THOSE kind of dreams are simply not conducive to having a good day. Need more coffee... This was a bad day to stop smoking.

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