Saturday, April 25, 2009

Time to Get Dirty Again

Yes indeed, the time is right to start getting dirty again.

Every now and again, I enter the domain of interpersonal interaction, typically with failure. While failure is not exactly the result of my recent foray into that realm, it is time to spend a little more time on myself in an area I feel more comfortable.

So, time to be a grease monkey for a while. My little Honda Rebel needs to be cleaned up and then have an oil seal changed. My Suzuki VX800 Project has been stalled for about a month. Parts for her are out there, and since I now have an operational bike (an HD XL1200C), there is no need in my mind to rebuild her to original specifications.

Maybe she will be a long distance cruiser... Maybe a dual purpose sort of bike... Cafe racer... Who knows. The time I waste at night on MySpace and FaceBook could easily be directed to my project bike.

So, the GoJo hand cleaner is out, tools at the ready and plenty of spare time. Let the grease monkeying begin!!!

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