Friday, April 10, 2009

Singularity of Heaven and Hell

Fresh spring sunlight gleamed down from heaven above, warming the slightly chilled black leather clad motorcyclist. Chilly spring winds buffet the bike and rider from all sides, laughing in the wind.

They dance as one down the road as if angels themselves were clearing the road ahead. Steel and Aluminum and chrome and flesh and bone become as one joyous being, seeing heaven, rubber hitting asphalt.

A red light and the two stop. Something is amiss. Engine running a little rough, clutch a bit grabby, the wind now circling the two as they wait for a green light. The bike is spooked; not scared; pawing at the ground to enter battle.


Rider does little more than a mental motion and they are off. There. Hairs stand straight on the rider's neck; bike belches a rumble, a sound of someplace not of this earth.

A man along the side of the road grabs a woman by the arms. She twists and frees herself from her possible assailant. Without thought, bike and rider turn back. Tires no longer contacting asphalt, rather the two merge. Rider and bike now a single soul, one foot in heaven and another in hell.

Woman now walking quickly away to a strip mall, bike and rider pull close to the man. Black leather, angelic white bike now screaming and growling, drowning out the bastard's harsh words. Amber running lamps now glowing coals of hellfire.

From behind the reflective face screen, motionless rider stares at the man. How small; how pitiful. COWARD! Face ME! Scared??? You should be!!! Let her be.

The man, gathered some form of strength, mouths, "What the fuck you looking at?"

A Coward.
Based on a true story.


irondad said...

Well written! Been there myself. Good for the biker. You?

RazorsEdge2112 said...


This was a 'brain dump' sort of post. I just needed to get it down somewhere before it escaped my aging gray matter.

Ride safe, buddy.