Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Riding as Life

There it is. A singular road sign on a well trodden path pointing off to the right where fresh two lanes lead off into the woods.

What is there? Maybe nothing but a lane into another frustrating Orwellian housing complex. Maybe an uncompleted asphalt stub only leading to a dead end. Maybe there will be soaking cold rain along the ride. Maybe you will go broke. Perhaps it will be straight and perfect and a little boring.

But just maybe there will be mountains and twisties and sweepers and sights and sounds and scents never before experienced. Just maybe. Can you resist? Even the detractors and expense, the possibility of getting soaked or being bored add to the adventure. The possibilities and chances tumble in your mind as the exit comes closer.

On a motorcycle or life... Take it.


mq01 said...

for some of us, for all of those very reasons, riding IS life :)

RazorsEdge2112 said...

I may have only ridden for a few years now, but it is like a new life. Yes, my friend. Riding is life. :-)

kathy@www.chromeandpearls.com said...

What better way to live than on a motorcycle? The chances of exhilaration far outweigh the other stuff. I choose life.