Thursday, October 29, 2009

Riding Thoughts - Some Loose Ends

Riding for hours and hours, the subconscious tends to work while the conscious is busy controlling the motorcycle, time and space. Sometimes it locks onto something and nudges the conscious, 'Hey buddy, I got something important for you.'

Two days ago it knocked as I rode, cold and soaked to the skin. I have loose ends.

From my previous life there are bills and debts and loans. The reason is unclear completely, but my subconscious tells me that these loose ends must be tied up before I move on. To be clear, after the 'dark times' were over, I owe nearly $20,000 not counting my motorcycles. That is a chunk.

Through the recent years I have learned to trust my subconscious, my gut. Not going to question it, just follow the lead.

Now it is a matter of how to accomplish this task, and in short order too. I need to get past this.

Oh, and I don't gamble or strip so MegaBucks and male pole dancing is out of the question. LOL


B.B. said...

Always go with your gut!

mq01 said...

hmmm, no lotto, no stripping, $20K not including bikes huh? hmmm... wheres that money tree when you need it?

kathy said...

I have never, ever gone wrong by trusting my gut. Keep riding - the answer will come to you.

RazorsEdge2112 said...

My gut says it is time to hunker down and put nose to grindstone. Just need to figure out what scent the grind stone is going to be.

mq01 said...

rosy?!? ;)