Monday, December 06, 2010

Now, That's the Spot

Yes, there is is. As life proceeded, with its ups and downs, opportunities and adversities, lonely roads and groups, something hibernated. Reading of Ms M's recent Iron Butt accomplishment gave that little hibernating critter a nudge.

Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to buy a few things and pay off a few debts. The feeling of paying off a credit card was fantastic. Next up is paying off one of my bikes and taking care of another little debt. It's good.

As I sat here in my garage a few weekends ago, my little Suzuki just looked at me. She has been taking low priority for quite a while and understandably wanted attention. Within minutes the seat, tank and front air filter were on a little work table. 30 minutes later the front carb was apart and in pieces. Timing is not always my forte. I forgot something that had been scheduled for weeks. So, bike, parts and tools were pushed to the side... Pushed to the side like this little sleeping critter.

While shopping around for a light bar for my Sporty and a small scope for my pistol, the little critter rumbled. And, as normally happens, I ended up browsing over to ADVRiders. If you are not familiar with this site and are a motorcycle rider, just grab your favorite beverage and give it a visit.

At any rate, the critter seems to be wide awake now. Rather than looking at light bars and pistol scopes, motorcycle tires and tents and riding gear seems to be filling up my screen. It's time to get that Suzuki running 100%, buy some long distance riding gear, get some luggage and a tent, schedule some time off and get out of here.

Maybe the Northern California Wine Country... Maybe Canada... Maybe a few thousand miles of lonely two lane roads. Maybe ghost towning with a buddy. Anyone want to go for a ride?


WooleyBugger said...

You know I'd ride along but come this way and we'll show you some pretty country.

GYMONR said...

Dam you Ken!!! Why,Why,WHY would you show me that site, now i will not get anything done today. ha-ha.Good post...keep up the good work.
Big Al