Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Them Wheels are Spinnin'

Several years ago, a rather astute and relatively close work associate made an observation, "You really spin your wheels a lot, don't you?"

It's true. Some days I catch myself spinning badly. Perhaps it is human nature.

Starting a new project is far easier than following through with a difficult or stalled project. Creating new projects becomes it's own reward. Completion yields nothing; the number of things started is what matters. For better or worse, my brain is filled with things such as these.

My Suzuki VX800 project is stalled due to problems with my front carburetor. Farkling & equipping my Harley Sportster into a touring machine, is going no where because I am still paying for the bike. Learning to fly is stalled due to lack of funds and time. The operating system I started writing in 2004 is still only a few hundred lines long due to lack of time. The dozen or so stories I have floating in my mind are still floating, also due to lack of time.

These are all excuses and I know it. T'is far easier to leave obstacles in place and start over. T'is far more rewarding to obliterate the obstacles and keep moving.

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WooleyBugger said...

At least your in good company.