Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another 200+ Mile Day!

Henderson, Nevada to Needles, California and back again. That, plus a little riding around totaled nearly 230 miles. The Laughlin River Run and Bike Rally was too tempting to pass up. It was... interesting.

BUT... before the commentary, the pictures.
One of the many motorcycle parking lots.
And another one.
My little Rebel with Nevada's very own SolarOne, a huge solar electricity generating plant, in the distance.

The rally was interesting and the ride challenging. It's not so much that I learned an aspect of motorcycling that I enjoy, as is was the opposite. There were tens of thousands of motorcycle riders there. As a new experience, it was enjoyable. Will I do it again? No. I would much rather ride alone. Perhaps that holds a different meaning.

More tomorrow when I am more awake.

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