Friday, April 04, 2008

Another Day of Scrubbed Plans

Yes, another day of scrubbed plans. Not called off due to weather or bike problems or any ethereal voice telling me to stay home. It is all due to a lovely little virus. Earlier this week I started to feel some congestion in my sinuses and a little fever. Nothing to keep me from going to work, or forcing me to stay on the couch.

Tuesday night was the worst. Wednesday I even decided to drive, not completely trusting my balance. Thursday was much better. My sinuses were opening up and overall I was feeling much better.

Sitting down last night, I planned out a day-off-work ride up to Pahrump, then Ash Meadows, and back to the house. Throttle hand twitching, I went to bed last night fully expecting to be on the road by seven AM.

The 5:30 AM alarm went off this morning and all I could do was cough and hack and spit out green globs of sickness. I wobbled out to the kitchen, hoping I would regain my balance and ability to breath without coughing more than two or three times every five minutes.

No luck. After a Vitamin C chewable, three cups of green and mint tea, and a little breakfast, the plans are pushed off to this weekend.

Regardless of plans, there are always events that can alter them. Recognizing and accepting these altered plans is a fine ability, so long as alterations do not become the norm.

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