Thursday, April 24, 2008

Motoboss Airspeed Mesh Jacket - Review

So it is getting to be summer time here in Las Vegas. Temperatures in the lower eighties may sound nice, but that sun has a tendency to cook anything in black leather. So, I set out to look for a nice mesh jacket.

My requirements:
-- Must be lightweight.
-- Must have good air circulation.
-- Must be high visibility.
-- Must have good armor and/or padding on the shoulders, elbows and back.
-- Must cost no more than $110 USD.
-- Must have a removable liner.

My normal motorcycle dealership, Ride Now, had a minimal selection. They carried a few Fieldsheer jackets that seemed to fit. I settled on an almost completely silver and white jacket. The only problem I could tell was that the back armor poked my shoulder blades, making by backpack unusable. They set it aside for me anyway.

I then went to Cycle Gear and tried a few. They had blue & black, and red & black (see above picture) styles of the MotoBoss Airspeed. Their large size fit wonderfully. No poking, snug fit around the waist, and comfortable wrist and neck openings.

The jacket has several hidden zippers and pockets. It has the standard two external pockets that are rather small. One hidden internal pocket in the back is more than ample to store the liner and a few other soft things. Hard things poke my back. There is another, smaller hidden pocket on the inside front. It is big enough for some snack bars or whatever.

There is ample padding and armor on the shoulders, elbows, back and even the forearms. The adjustment straps on the arms seem to be a bit loose, even on the tightest setting, but it is acceptable.

There is also a zipper on the inside back to attach a pair of matching riding pants. I didn't have the money, so that will need to be later.

Total cost was right at about $100.

So, this jacket rates a 5 out of 5 noob stars. Its only detractors are the small external pockets, and the somewhat loose fitting adjustment straps on the arms. After a few thousand miles of Vegas heat, I may have a different opinion, but for now, I LOVE it!

(p.s. - congrats to me... this is post #100!!!)


Unknown said...

So you've had your jacket for close to a month now. How are you liking it? I just picked one up and am curious.

Anonymous said...

I have that same jacket. Lowsided on the left side in a construction zone last January. After sliding to a stop, I got up, plugged the new hole in the valve cover with a stick (BMW K series) and rode off. Great jacket. I did have one of the fixed shoulder pads (not the remove-able armor) come loose and I had to hand stitch it back into place when it was 8 months old.

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