Saturday, April 19, 2008

Systems & Zen

It was all I could do to maintain my stoic composure. I wanted to correct her so badly, but doing so is not simple nor without its dangers. Today my ex-wife saw my new copy of "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance".

"Ken, I am so proud of you! You are such a good rider and read all these books on safe riding and now you are reading about motorcycle maintenance so you can take care of your bike better and be more safe so that you can enjoy more and safer riding..." And, yes. It does go on. I am pleased anytime she can speak a single sentence within the span of sixty seconds.

Part of my mind wanted to tell her what it is really about. The more reasonable side of my consciousness won over. My mouth remained shut as her wandering monologue sidled into how some poor young Mormons happened to stop by and how she 'made their head spin.' Yes, I know that feeling all too well. I do feel for the young fellows. They were simply out doing what they felt they should, and they happened to run into her.

As for ZMM, initially I thought it was going to be an introspective travelogue. I missed its true nature completely until the narrator explains who "Phaedrus" was. That took me by surprise.

Alas, I was going to write a little about multitasking, and proficient riding and the beauty and functionality of viewing a motorcycle as a system rather than thousands of discrete parts. But, it is nearly 1:30 AM and the beer is kicking in. Tomorrow, the real Systems & Zen post. Promise.

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