Wednesday, August 27, 2008

T-Minus 30 Days and Counting

It is interesting the little things that can raise one's spirits. The difference between depression and happiness is a thought.

Yesterday I awoke in a grump. Showered in a grump. Brushed my teeth in a grump. Got dressed in a grump. Some might say it's my lack of sex for the last four years, but hey... Every one is entitled to their opinions.

I sit at the table for a quick grumpy breakfast and fire up my laptop to check my e-mail. What do I see? A letter from Lois Pryce about my ride! WOW. Grump level now going down.

I ride to work and test my clutch. Yes, it is slipping in 4th and 5th gears. I get to work and contact a few Rebel aficionados I know on the internet. While they do confirm it is 'classic' clutch slippage, it is not terribly expensive.

Grump level is a little higher now. If a problem is going to occur, I would rather have it happen before I leave. But, I would really prefer problems like this to not occur.

Then I get a call from the reception desk. I have a package. What could it be? An unknown donation? Box of computer stuff that will end up littering the garbage dump? No...

My ride cards are here!!!

Deanna did a beautiful job! I immediately handed out about 100 cards to the people where I work and talked about my ride and domestic violence. Several people asked if they could donate on my website and I even received $20 in cash from a fellow. (Thanks Kenneth!) Needless to say, my grump factor went negative.

Even my first tire puncture couldn't raise my grump. Sure, it didn't puncture the tube and I need new tires anyway, but I didn't care. That e-mail from Lois and the cards from Deanna just set a mood that may be difficult to remove. Slipping clutch and punctured rear tire just couldn't dampen my spirits this morning. In the cool, unusually moist early morning Las Vegas air I enjoyed my morning commute. Beautiful sunrise.


irondad said...

Worry much inside yourself, do you. Look outside yourself you must. The Force is from without, not within. Trust it, help you it will.


RazorsEdge2112 said...

Thank you Master Yoda, er... irondad. :-)